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ACE (Asbestos Consulting & Environmental) of Austin provides commercial asbestos surveys that are required by state and federal regulations. Using ACE for your inspections means you’ll get quality reports from a licensed inspector for affordable prices, with quick turnarounds available. Our professionals are familiar with and stay current with all state and local regulations licensed and trained for commercial buildings. 

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many commercial residences built prior to the 1980s. If asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are damaged at all, their fibers may release into the air

What is asbestos and when should I test for it?

Asbestos is a carcinogen that is often found in building materials, and many commercial residences built prior to the 1980s. If asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are damaged at all, their fibers may release into the air. This creates a major health risk to any employees or occupants. 

Asbestos isn’t always easy to spot or identify, and can’t be confirmed by visual identification alone. Professionals will need to sample and analyze the materials within your building with an asbestos survey or screening. ACE can determine whether your building has ACM, and if it does, what needs to be done to contain and seal it. It is occasionally acceptable for asbestos to be within buildings so long as it is not disturbed and is properly sealed. 

ACE of Austin has been thoroughly and efficiently inspecting properties for asbestos commercial in Austin since 2003. We offer quick results– often within the next business day. Our pricing is competitive, and you’ll receive recommendations for your building from a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience. We also offer project consulting, air monitoring, and more consulting services.

When Do I Need An Asbestos Survey?

These surveys are required during any asbestos commercial or real estate transactions, and also before any demolition or renovation to your building. 

If your commercial building was built before 1981, it has a high risk of having ACM. These facilities will need a thorough survey and inspection to identify any ACM and assess its condition. Some newer buildings have been found to contain ACM as well, and asbestos is still manufactured today. Regardless of how new your building is, you’ll need professional inspections to comply with regulations. 

It’s a Federal /State requirement to have any possible ACM identified within your commercial building before you demolish or renovate it to prevent hazardous fibers from releasing into the air. You will likely not be able to obtain permits without these inspections, which is why you need a reliable company like ACE of Austin to perform a quality, thorough survey. Our certified tests are quick, efficient, and affordable, and will prevent your company from experiencing potentially disastrous liability issues down the line. 

Call For a Quote:

(512) 565-5653

Call For a Quote:

(512) 565-5653

Why Should I Get A Commercial Asbestos Inspection?

All commercial buildings with any asbestos containing materials is suggested to develop an Operations & Maintenance Plan. This includes a plan for training employees, cleaning procedures, and surveilling the materials. You’ll need a thorough plan for managing any ACM, and the professionals can help you identify what needs to be done. 

ACE provides services such as sampling ACM, air monitoring, project administration, abatement specifications and oversight, and more. Our trained experts have extensive experience to provide you with cost-effective asbestos consulting and surveying. Prevent any major hiccups in your company’s progress, and keep your building perfectly safe for everyone inside it. ACE of Austin has been providing asbestos services and quality consulting since 2003. We specialize in commercial properties, providing highly professional services at low prices. Call us today for an estimate from our team of reliable inspectors and testers.

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