Environmental Site Assessment

An environmental site assessment is an in-depth analysis conducted to ascertain the environmental condition of a property. A phase 1 environmental site assessment involves examining both the current and historical usage of a site to identify potential or existing environmental liabilities. The findings provide essential information that forms part of a comprehensive commercial real estate transaction.

Why is an Environmental Site Assessment Important?

Making an uninformed property purchase can lead to unexpected liabilities, especially if harmful contaminants from previous operations reside in the soil, groundwater, or building materials. By conducting an environmental site assessment and doing your environmental due diligence, potential buyers can ensure they are making a safe and sound investment. It allows them to gain a clearer understanding of the property’s past uses, current condition, and potential risks (i.e. hazardous waste), all of which can significantly influence the property’s value and use.

Ace of Austin: Leading the Way in Site Assessments

Ace of Austin, established in 2003, has become a reliable provider of environmental assessments in Austin. Our service is not just a routine process, but a commitment to quality, friendliness, and timeliness in delivering top-tier environmental consulting.

We are experienced professionals who have honed our expertise over the years working for bigger consulting firms. We now channel that expertise into providing the same quality of service at more affordable rates for residential and commercial property. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive phase 1 environmental site assessment in Austin, which includes researching both current and historical uses of a property. Don’t be caught unaware of environmental pitfalls like underground storage tanks of petroleum products.

At Ace of Austin, our team is skilled in identifying any potential risks associated with industrial property or commercial properties, especially those set for renovations or demolitions. Our specialties extend to asbestos testing, ensuring the safety of your commercial property.

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Environmental site assessment is a critical step in any commercial real estate transaction. You deserve a partner who understands its importance and possesses the skills and experience to deliver. You deserve Ace of Austin.

Choose Ace of Austin for an environmental assessment in Austin TX, and benefit from our expert knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality service. Together, we can make your real estate transactions safer and more profitable. Contact us today or request a quote to start your journey towards a safer property investment.

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